Volume 3-1

International Journal of

Environmental and Rural Development

ISSN 2433-3700 (Online)   ISSN 2185-159X (Print)

Volume 3 Number 1 April 2012 [PDF 19.0MB]




Research article

Effect of Pre-Rice Mungbean and Cattle Manure Application on Growth and Yield of Organic Rice

Anan Polthanee, Arunee Promkhambut and Vidhaya Trelo-Ges

Allelopathic Activity of Peruvian Corn Varieties 

Cecilia Ines Ono Morikawa, Rie Miyaura, Akimi Fujimoto,
Maria De Lourdes Tapia Y Figueroa, Victor Noriega Nalvarte
and Yoshiharu Fujii

Introduction and Adoption of Rice Intensification System
towards Low-In
put Agricultural Production in Vietnam

Kako Inoue and Eiji Yamaji

Effects of Eri-Culture on Promoting Environmental Awareness in Greater Phnom Penh of Cambodia

Kumiko Kawabe, Makara Tal and Machito Mihara

Effects of Burning Crop Residues on Soil Quality in Wenshui, Shanxi of China

Liexiang Li, Yuta Ishikawa and Machito Mihara

Payment for Environmental Services (PES):
Case Study on Conservation Agreement on 
Forest and Biodiversity Conservation in Central Cardamom Protected Forest, Thmar Baing District, Koh Kong Province

Lyna Khan

Safety of Drinking Water Source and People’s Choice Behavior in Rural India

Sato Morio and Yamaji Eiji

Fish Trade on Fishing Products in Tonle Sap Great Lake

Ratanak Ou

Resilience of Rice-field and Mountain-based Native Beef Cattle Raising:

A Case Study in Nakhon Panom Province, Thailand

Theerachai Haitook, Kritapon Sommart, Thewin Vongpralub,

Suradej Pholsen, Mongkol Tauon and Wareerat Pannarat

Estimated Maximum Daily Intake of Streptomycin Residue in Pork Consumed by Age and Gender Groups in the Philippines

Venn Vutey, Loinda R. Baldias, Billy P. Divina and 

Rio John T. Ducusin

Diversity and Community Structure of Terrestrial Invertebrates in an Irrigated Rice Ecosystem

Duangrat Thongphak, Khwunchanok Promdeesan and 

Chonlada Hanlaoedrit

Assessment of Farmer’s Satisfaction and Preference Using Improved Rice Varieties in the Southern Lao PDR

Inpong Siliphouthone, Yupa Hanboonsong and

Krailert Taweekul

Preliminary Social and Environmental Assessment of Zulfikarabad:

a New Coastal Mega City Project in Pakistan

Junaid Alam Memon

Hydrogen Peroxide and Peroxidase Activity as Potential Indicators on Adaptability of Plants to Salinity Stress Condition

Nararat Poodeetip, Kanlaya Kong-Ngern, Samang Homchuen,

Bupha Toparkngam and Vidhaya Trelo-Ges

Suitable Timing of Compost Application and Its Effectiveness on Mung Bean in the Crop Station of Royal University of Agriculture

Sophark Tip, Bunthan Ngo, Eang Khuon, Sokha Pel,

Machito Mihara and Lalita Siriwattananon

Study on Suitable Moisture for Pellet Compost Making and Mechanical Mixing Technique

Sovath Tim, Bunthan Ngo, Sophea Tim, Hak Yun,

Machito Mihara and Lalita Siriwattananon

Aspects of the Aging Farming Population and Food Security in Agriculture for Thailand and Japan

Supaporn Poungchompu, Kobayashi Tsuneo and

Pongsagorn Poungchompu

Influences of Agricultural Irrigation on Regional Salinity Balance in Arid Areas of Northwestern China

Abdisalam Jalaldin, Tadao Yamamoto, Taku Oikawa,

Anwaire Maimaidi and Tetuaki Nagasawa

Community Participation in Saline Soil Restoration Using a Diverse Tree Planting Technique: A Case Study of Nongsim Sub-district, Borabue, Mahasarakam, Thailand

Adcharaporn Pagdee

Soil Carbon Dynamics during the Amelioration of Salt-Affected Areas in Northeast Thailand

Aung Naing Oo, Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai,

Patcharee Saenjan and Bubpha Topark-Ngarm

Short and Long Term Fate of Environmental Pollutants and Their Management

Barry N. Noller

Input of Pollutants by the Tributaries of Lake Yojoa, Honduras

Carlos Onan Mendoza Tovar, Machito Mihara and

Hiromu Okazawa

Water Quality Improvement by Natural Meandering River Surrounded by Woods in Agricultural Watersheds

Hiromu Okazawa, Tadao Yamamoto,
Takashi Inoue and 
Tetuaki Nagasawa

An Analysis on the Policy of Promoting Rubber Trees Cultivation for Replacing Garlic and Longan Growing: A Case Study of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Jukkaphong Poung-Ngamchuen,
Nakarat Rungkawat and 
Panitpim Sittisak

Isolation of Phosphate-Solubilizing Bacteria from Different Fields Crop Productions

Kiriya Sungthongwises, Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai,

Masayuki Matsuoka, Kouhei Ohnishi and Sota Tanaka

Groundwater Resources Development by Riverbank Filtration Technology in Thailand

Kriengsak Srisuk, Laa Archwichai, Kewaree Pholkern,

Phayom Saraphirom, Sumrit Chusanatus and Sitisak Munyou 

Farmers and Wastewater Management – A Case Study of Integrated Urban Wastewater Management and Agriculture in Hanoi, Vietnam

Nguyen Lan Huong and Yamaji Eiji

Growth Situation of Phragmites australis (Cav.) Trin. Used in Artificial Floating Islands for Water Purification in Cold Regions

Masato Kimura, Osamu Tsuji,
Toshimi Muneoka and Hiroto Ote

Effective Governance Strategy: Key to Sustainable Collaborative Management in a Wildlife Sanctuary in South-Eastern Part of Bangladesh

Rezaur Rahman, Mohammed Salim Uddin and

Shirley Thompson

Using Soil Improvement Materials for Enhancing Drought Tolerance of Rubber Plant

Suttipong Pruangka, Mongkon Ta-Oun, Thanapong Tula and

Somposh Kaewrahun

Potential of Sunflower Varieties Grown under Different Input Levels

Pantipa Na Chiangmai, Lamduan Krittawongwiman and

Paisan Laosuwan

Biocontrol of Phytopathogen by Pseudomonas fluorescens R21, Isolated from Rice Rhizosphere in Thailand

Phrueksa Lawongsa, Nantakorn Boonkerd, Fergal O’gara and

Neung Teaumroong

Assessment of the Groundwater Quantity Resulting from Artificial Recharge by Ponds at Ban Nong Na, Phitsanulok Province, Thailand

Sirirat Uppasit, Kriengsak Srisuk,
Phayom Saraphirom and 
Paul Pavelic

Effects of Transplanting Methods on Yield of Different Rice Varieties under Sandy Soil Conditions

Sokornthea Pin, Sophal Chuong, Vanthorn Sok and Thyda Len

Comparison of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) Practices in Irrigated and Rainfed Areas of Cambodia

Sophy Ches, Eiji Yamaji and Jun Tsurui