IJERD Overview

International Journal of Environmental and Rural Development, IJERD, is a multi and interdisciplinary journal concerning environmental research and rural development. The IJERD is devoted to publishing double blind peer-reviewed original research papers or technical reports on the aspects of environmental and rural development, such as education for sustainable rural development, rural development, environmental management, agricultural system or infrastructural system. The IJERD is published twice annually in June and December every year.

The aims of IJERD are to report on the latest research development and achievements, to strengthen education exchange, to promote cooperation in environmental and rural development and to contribute to the progress in sustainable development. The editorial board of this journal covers a variety of scientific disciplines.

Three types of manuscripts are acceptable for publication, namely Research article, Review article and Technical report.

Research articles: It should be an original research or completed definite studies. Articles of high scientific quality having originality that are of interest to the wide and diverse readership are approved for publication.

Review articles: It deals with topics of current interests in the field relating to environmental and rural development. Unsolved problems and possible developments should also be discussed.

Technical reports: Case studies or technical development are included in here. This report should not exceed six printed pages in length.

Ethical statements: TBA