Aims and Scope

The International Journal of Environmental and Rural Development, IJERD, is an interdisciplinary journal concerning environmental and rural development research in the education for sustainable development, ESD. The IJERD is devoted to publishing peer-reviewed research article, review article and technical report in the fields of environmental and rural development, such as education for sustainable rural development, rural development, environmental management or agricultural systems. Every article or report in IJERD must be accepted by at least 2 reviewers and an editorial member.

The aims of IJERD are to publish the latest research development and achievements, to strengthen education systems, to promote cooperation in environmental and rural development and to contribute to the progress in sustainable development. The editorial board of this journal covers a variety of scientific disciplines.

Thematic Areas:

The following areas are envisioned in IJERD.

Education for Sustainable Rural Development:
Environmental Education, Food and Agricultural Education, Participatory Approach, Capacity Building, Community Empowerment, Agricultural Extension, etc.

Rural Development:
Marketing, Partnership, Value Added Product, Community Development, Access to Technology, Cultural Preservation, etc.

Environmental Management:
Bio-Diversity, Soil Degradation and Land Conservation, Water Quality Conservation, Deforestation and Sustainable Forest Management, Environmental Management, etc.

Agricultural Systems:
Organic Farming, Conservation Tillage, Mechanization, Irrigation and Drainage, Nutrient and Pest Management, Cattle Breeding, Agro-Forestry, Indigenous Technology, etc.

Infrastructural Systems:
Water Resource Development, Land Reclamation, Road Construction, etc.