Volume 2-1

International Journal of

Environmental and Rural Development

ISSN 2433-3700 (Online)   ISSN 2185-159X (Print)

Volume 2 Number 1 April 2011 [PDF 11.1MB]




Research article

Effect of Land Use Change and Food Availability in Phatthalung Watershed, Southern Thailand

Anisara Pensuk and Rajendra Shrestha

The Rice Soil Fertility Capability Classification System

Vo Quang Minh

Influences of Land Use during the Puddling Period on Water Balance and Quality in a Rice Farming Area

Mohammed Kamrul Hasan, Yamamoto Tadao and Nagasawa Tetuaki 

Influence of Soil Salinization on Growth of Cotton in an Arid Area in Northwest of China

Yamamoto Tadao, Hasegawa Shuichi, Kamiya Mitsuhiko,
Abdisalam Jalaldin, 
Anwaire Maimaidi and Nagasawa Tetuaki

Soil Erosion Control by Coconut Husk Buffer Strip in Bohol Island of Philippines

Julian Torillo Jr. and Machito Mihara

The Social Economy – Key Element of Sustainable Environmental and Societal Development in Asia

Fabian Thiel 

Effect of Land Use Agglomeration on Nitrogen Concentrations in River Water in the Tokachi River

Hiromu Okazawa, Toshimi Muneoka, Yudai Kudo and Yasushi Takeuchi

Ecological Management in Salt-affected Area of Northeast Thailand:
Monitoring Soil Quality

Aung Naing Oo, Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai and Bubpha Topark-Ngarm

Risk Assessment of Pesticide Residues in Organic Waste in Northeast Thailand

Jarupong Prasopsuk and Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai

Fundamental Study on Nitrogen Removal from Paddy Drainage Using Clinker Ash

Hitoshi Yamamoto, Hiromu Okazawa, Yuko Ohtaka,
Yasushi Takeuchi
and Yoshitaka Murakami

Local Good Governance of Rural Infrastructure Development Planning:
Case Studies of Commune Councils in Cambodia

Young Sokphea, Soparth Pongquan and Sophal Ear

Rural People’s Livelihoods – A Case Study in a Commune at Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Vo Van Viet

Current State of Food and Agriculture Education (SHOKUNOU KYOUIKU)  in Japan

Hiroki Inaizumi

Study on Evaluating the Hardness of the Sidewalk Pavement

Mie Higuchi, Yasushi Takeuchi, Hiromu Okazawa and Ken-ichi Sato

Sustainable Development in Indonesian Environmental Law;
Lessons from Germany’s Sustainable Forest Management Practices

Sri Wahyuni

Changes in Surviving E. coli, Coliform Bacteria and General Bacteria in Manure with Air Drying Treatment

Yuta Ishikawa and Machito Mihara

Growth and Yield of Organic Rice as Affected by Rice Straw and Organic Fertilizer

Anan Polthanee, Arunee Promkhambut and Sompoth Kaewrahan

Awareness of Organic Vegetable Production Practices in West Java and Bali, Indonesia

Chifumi Takagi and Murari Suvedi

Impacts of Micro-credit on Household Economic

Sivchou Teng, Sokhak Prien, Nara Mao and Bunhor Leng

Organic Rice Farming Systems in Cambodia: Socio-economic Impact of Smallholder Systems in Takeo Province

Sa Kennvidy