Volume 1-1

International Journal of

Environmental and Rural Development

ISSN 2433-3700 (Online)   ISSN 2185-159X (Print)

Volume 1 Number 1 March 2010 [PDF 5.7MB]




Invited article

Education for Sustainable Development: Challenges for Transformative Education and Research

Mario T. Tabucanon

Establishment of RCE Greater Phnom Penh for Promoting ESD in Cambodia

Bunthan Ngo, Machito Mihara and Lalita Siriwattananon

Research article

Land Conservation of Upland Hills with Severe Erosion
– Promoting Field Schools to Increase Farmers’ Awareness

Muhammad Aqil and Machito Mihara

People’s Livelihoods in the Suburbs – A Case Study at a Community of
Ho Chi Minh City

Vo Van Viet

Rubber Farmers’ Perception of Rubber Technologies in Dambae and Peam Cheang, Kampong Cham

Sovann Aun, Visalsok Touch, Vathana San and Tory Chhun

Development of the Indigenous Chironomid Species as Ecotoxicology Test:
Tool for Water Quality Management in Thailand

Atcharaporn Somparn, Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai and Barry Noller

Earthworm Distribution under Different Land Use Systems in Northeast of Thailand – Benefit for Land Resource Reclamation

Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai, Matiphum Arporn and Surasak Seripong

Spatial Analysis of Human Activities Performed in Cheung Ek Inundated Lake, Cambodia

Phearith Teang and Puy Lim

The Present Condition and Problem of Agricultural Water Management
in Northern Part of Taklamakan Desert

Yamamoto Tadao, Abdisalam Jalaldin,
Anwaier Maimaidi and Nagasawa Tetuaki

Soil Fertility Management in Rainfed Lowland Rice Eco-systems

Mak Soeun

Organic Rice Farming Systems in Cambodia: Potential and Constraints of Smallholder Systems in Takeo

Sa Kennvidy

Indigenous Agricultural Knowledge – A Sample of Practice in Northeast Thailand

Anan Polthanee

Influences of Land and Water Use on the Water Quality of Canals through Agricultural Areas

Mohammed Kamrul Hasan, Yamamoto Tadao and Nagasawa Tetuaki

Assessing Clients’ Satisfaction of Microfinance Institutions in Cambodia
– A Case Study of AMK

Pum Sophy and Thun Valantina

Present Status of Agriculture and Possibility for Increased Export of Food and Agricultural Products in Cambodia

Keishiro Itagaki

Rice Soil Fertility Classification and Constraints in the Mekong Delta

Vo Quang Minh and Le Quang Tri

Zinc Deficiency in Agricultural Systems and Its Implication to Human Health

Basu Dev Regmi, Zed Rengel and Hossein Khabaz-Saberi

Diversity of the Actinomycetes Community Colonising Rice Straw Residues in Cultured Soil Undergoing Various Crop Rotation Systems in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam

Tran Van Dung, Duong Minh Vien, Vo Thi Guong, Cao Ngoc Diep,
Patricia Domingues, Roel Merckx and Dirk Springael

Seasonal Direct-Use Value of Cheung Ek Peri-Urban Lake, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Seila Sar, Colas Chervier, Puy Lim, Cristy Warrender,
Garry W. Warrender and Robert G. Gilbert

Contribution of Kampong Preak Fish Sanctuary (Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia) to Livelihoods in Two Adjacent Floating Villages

Nith Chum, Eric Baran, Colas Chervier,
Sy Vann Leng and David Emmett

Assessing Poverty Outreach of Microfinance Institutions in Cambodia
– A Case Study of AMK

Thun Vathana, Pum Sophy and Say Samath

Cattle Feeding and Management Practices of Small-holder Farmers
in Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia

Miranda Pen, Darryl Savage, Werner Stür,
Sophal Lorn and Mom Seng

Incentives of Local Farmers toward Organic Fertilizer Application in Nan Province of Thailand

Lalita Siriwattananon and Machito Mihara

Market Channel and Trade of Fermented Small-Sized Fish Paste in Cambodia

Sophea Un, Robert S. Pomeroy, Nam So and Kongkea Chhay

Comparison of Microbial Diversity of Paddy Soils in Sustainable Organic Farming

Chunchara Thuithaisong, Preeda Parkpian, Oleg V. Shipin,
Rajendra P. Shrestha
and Kunnika Naklang

Effect of Land Use Change on Land Quality and Water Resources in Phatthalung Watershed, Thailand

Anisara Pensuk, Rajendra P. Shrestha and Roberto S. Clemente

Effective Heat Dissipation in Hot-humid Climates:
the Hypothesis Formulated by the Results in Swamp Buffaloes

Arata Koga, Makhdoom Abdul Jabbar and Talat Naseer Pasha

Social Land Policy for Sustainable Rural Development in Cambodia

Fabian Thiel

Management of Manure Taking into Account of E.coli Loss from Farmland

Yu Saito and Machito Mihara

The ‘Jorani Project’: Incorporating Principles of Sustainable Rural Development into
the Education System of Cambodia

Robert J. Martin, Wendy Matthews, Stephan D. Bognar,
Narap Ourm and Kynal Keo

Building Capacity for Sustainable Rural Development: Lessons from Nepal

Murari Suvedi

Crop Profit Groups and Farmer Participation in Research:
Some Experiences from Cambodian Upland Regions

Robert J. Farquharson, Robert J. Martin, J. Fiona Scott,
Chan Phaloeun, Touch Van and Keo Kynal