Volume 6-2

International Journal of

Environmental and Rural Development

ISSN 2433-3700 (Online)   ISSN 2185-159X (Print)

IJERD Volume 6 Number 2 December 2015 [PDF 46 MB]



Research article

Effect of Different Dietary Nutritional Compositions on Clark’s Anemonefish  (Amphiprion clarkii) Growth

Boontarika Thongdonphum, Kittima Vanichkul, Saming Champasri,
Suphamas Tipayanon and Suthat Worasiri

Effect of Nitrous Oxide on Physiological and Biochemical Changes during Fruit Drop of Longkong Postharvest

Intira Lichanporn, Nunchanok Nanthachai,
Palida Tanganurat and Unchalin Singkhum

Characterization of Potential Molave (Vitex parviflora Juss.) Mother Trees in Lila, Bohol, Philippines

Noel S. Gamil and Noel T. Lomosbog

Marina A. Labonite, Sandra Mcdougall, Gordon Rogers,
Jose G. Labonite, Dennis B. Jomoc and Merigine C.Otara

Business Activities of “Transformed” Agricultural Cooperatives and their Role in Supporting Local Agriculture in Northern Vietnam

Fumie Takanashi

Floristic Inventory of the Proposed Site for Tarsier Tourism Center in Villa Aurora, Bilar, Bohol, Philippines

Tomas D. Reyes, Jr., Jeralyn B. Abadingo, Shiela G. Tabuno,
Eunice Kenee L. Seriño, Joecel B. Mabanag, and Rizaldy C. Mercadal

Rapid Carbon Stock Appraisal (RACSA) Implementation in Wahig-Inabanga Watershed, Bohol, Philippines

Tomas D. Reyes, Jr. and Erwin G. Ludevese

Effect of Stake Storage Methods on Germination, Growth and Yield of Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz.)

Arunee Promkhambut, Pikul Manuta, Anucha Laoken,
Kiriya Sungthongwises and Anan Polthanee

Impacts of Atmospheric Temperature – Humidity Change on Yield Quality of Thai Soybean Cultivar

Kanita Thanacharoenchanaphas and Orose Rugchati

Periodic Fertilization Using Urea and Chicken Manure as Source of Natural Productivity in a Biofloc System during the Nursery of Pacific White Shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei

Maria Danesa S. Rabia, Jomel G. Baobao,
Guillermo P. Tutor and Ernesto C. Ruilida

Ecotoxicology of Copper on Freshwater Fish with Different Water Hardness on the Mekong River, Lao PDR

Naksayfong Khounnavongsa, Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai and Tham C. Hoang

Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services in Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia:
An Overview

Snezana Jankovic, Aleksandra Despotovic, Sinisa Berjan, Hamid El Bilali, Noureddin Driouech, Adriana Radosavac, and Aleksandar Stojanovic

Relation Between Rural Diversification and Governance:
Some Insights from Bosnia, Montenegro and Serbia

Hamid El Bilali, Sinisa Berjan, Adriana Radosavac,
Aleksandra Despotovic, Snezana Jankovic and Noureddin Driouech

Promoting Gummy Guyabano (Anona muricata Linn.) Candy

Regucivilla A. Pobar

Heavy Metal Contamination in Meat and Crustaceans Products from Thailand Local Markets

Montip Jankeaw, Natagarn Tongphanpharn,
Rattanapon Khomrat, Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai and Nisa Pakvilai

Comparative Spatial Assessment of Regulating and Supporting Ecosystem Services in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar

Kay Khaing Lwin, Kiichiro Hayashi and Makoto Ooba

Comparison of Semi-Quantitative and Statistical Regression Models in Assessing Landslide Prone Areas in Wahig-Inabanga Watershed, Bohol, Philippines

Tomas D. Reyes, Jr.