Award of Excellent Poster Presentation – 7th ICERD 2016

Awards of Excellent Paper -7th ICERD

The 7th ICERD 2016 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  1. Naiyana Jullaphan and Anucha Wittayakorn-Puripunpinyoo
    The Analyses of Efficiency and Factors Affecting Efficiency of Agricultural Cooperatives in Lower Northern Thailand
  2. Pin Tara, Pin Vannaro, Eng Chanthoeung, Horn Oeun and John M. Schiller
    Soil Amendments for Peanut Cultivation by Intercropping in Upland Cropping Systems of Southeast Cambodia
  3. Soth Hong, Lytour Lor, Nareth Nut, Dyna Theng, Vary Vun, Vannary Ung, Lyhour Hin and Dara Phuong
    The Comparison of Liquid Bio-slurry and Rice Husk Biochar Application on Dai Neang Chili Pepper’s Yield at RUA (Capsicum annum L)
  4. Kuo Kuang Ting and Machito Mihara
    Determining C Factor of Universal Soil Loss Equation (USLE) Based on Remote Sensing
  5. Meng Bun, Savath Seng, Dyna Theng, Lyhour Hin and Vary Vun.
    Efficiency of Two Small Rice Mills OTAKE and SATAKE on Milled Rice Quality
  6. Lyhour Hin, Lytour Lor and Gerald Hitzler
    Efficiency of Two-row Chinese Rice Transplanter Experimented on RUA Campus
  7. Yuri Yamazaki, Toshimi Muneoka, Hiromu Okazawa, Masato Kimura and Osamu Tsuji
    Characteristics of the River Water Quality under Base Flow Condition in the Tokachi River Basin, Japan
  8. Sergio Azael May Cuevas and Machito Mihara
    Soil Loss Mitigation by Applying Animal Waste Slurry
  9. Naruemol Kaewjampa, Nipaporn Chaisri and Chuleemass Boonthai Iwai
    Comparison the Water Footprint of Cassava and Sugarcane in Northeast, Thailand
  10. Somporn Pleanjai and Unchalee Sanguanpong
    Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Organic Car Wax Processing from Rice Bran Oil