Award of Excellent Poster Presentation – 4th ICERD 2013

Award of Excellent Poster Presentation

The 4th ICERD 2013 in Siem Reap, Cambodia

  1. Liexiang Li and Machito Mihara
    Effects of Adding Bacillus sp. on Crop Residue Composting and Enhancing Compost Quality
  2. Yuta Ishikawa and Machito Mihara
    Changes in Surviving Microorganism in Cow Manure with Lime Nitrogen Adding
  3. Morio Sato and Eiji Yamaji
    Behavioral Factor of Boiling Drinking Water in Rural India
  4. Sinisa Berjan, Hamid El Bilali, Borko Sorajic, Noureddin Driouech, Aleksandra Despotovic and Jasmina Simic
    Off-farm and Non-farm Activities Development in Rural South-Eastern Bosnia
  5. Nararat Poodeetip, Samang Homchuen, Bupha Toparkngam and Kanlaya Kong-ngern
    The Important Substances in Plants on Salt Affected Area in Northeast Thailand, Bamnet Narong District, Chaiyaphum Province
  6. Toonyathape Khamjampa
    Distribution of Earthworm and Soil Properties under Rubber (Hevea brasiliensis) Plantations in Northeast of Thailand
  7. Okazawa Hiromu, Maeda Youki, Takeuchi Yasushi and Fujikawa Tomonori
    Evaluation of Tide Embankment and Protection Forest Width on Tsunami Disaster Using Tunami Simulator
  8. Warakorn Sudjarit and Somnimirt Pukngam
    Land-use Changes Affect to Hydrological Response using SWAT Model in Huaimanai Sub-watershed, Phrae Province, Thailand
  9. Songhak Phal, Thida Kem, Vouch Sim Kong and Borarin Buntong
    Prolonged Self-life of Cucumber with Low Cost Storage Method
  10. Sarin Neang, Vitou Orng, Sarom Men,Vouchsim Kong and Borarin Buntong
    Using Cassava Flour in Making Cookie