Awards of Excellent Paper – 3rd ICERD 2012

Awards of Excellent Paper

The 3rd ICERD 2012 in Khon Kaen, Thailand

  1. Adcharaporn Pagdee, Samang Homchuen and Somsak Wanassakun
    Community Participation in Saline Soil Restoration Using A Diverse Tree Planting Technique: A Case Study of Nongsim Sub-District, Borabue, Mahasaraham, Thailand
  2. Satomi Kimijima
    Contribution and Upportunities of Foreign Investment and Its Risks to Rural Development in Rural Laos
  3. Tatiana Komarova, Henry Olszowy, Barry Noller and Gary Golding
    The Diffusive Gradients in Thin Films Technique (DGT) for Trace Metals Versus Active Sampling
  4. Kriengsak Srisuk and Kewaree Ponkern
    Groundwater Resources Development by Riverbank Filtration Technology in Thailand
  5. Aung Naing Oo, Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai, Patcharee Saenjan and Bubpha Topark-ngarm
    Carbon Dynamics During the Amelioration of Salt-Affected Areas in Northeast Thailand
  6. Theerachai Haitook, Kritapon Sommart, Thewin Vongpralub, Suradit Polsen, Mongkol Ta-un and Wareerat Pannarat
    Resilience of Rice-Field and Mountain Based Native Beef Cattle Raising:A Case Study in Nakhon Panom Province
  7. Julian Torillo Jr. and Machito Mihara
    Nitrogen and Phosphorus Released from Coconut Husk During Retting Treatment
  8. Kumiko Kawabe, Makara Tal and Machito Mihara
    Effects of Eri-Culture on Promoting Environmental Awareness in Greater Phnom Penh of Cambodia