Awards of Excellent Paper – 1st ICERD 2010

Awards of Excellent Paper

The 1st ICERD 2010 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

  1. Robert J. Martin, W. Matthews, S.D Bognar, N. Ourm and K.Keo
    The ‘Jorani Project’: Incorporating Principles of Sustainable Rural Development into the Education System of Cambodia
  2. Sovann Aun, V. Touch, V. San and T. Chhun
    Rubber Farmers’ Perception of Rubber Technologies in Dambae and Peam Cheang, Kampong Cham
  3. Thun Vathana, P. Sophy and S. Samath
    Assessing Poverty Outreach of Microfinance Institutions in Cambodia- A Case Study of AMK
  4. Muhammad Aqil and M. Mihara
    Land Conservation of Upland Hills with Severe Erosion – Promoting Field Schools to Increase Farmers’ Awareness
  5. Vo Van Viet
    People’s Livelihood in the Suburbs – A Case Study at a Community of Ho Chi Minh City
  6. Chuleemas B. Iwai, M. Arporn and S. Seripong
    Earthworm Distribution under Different Land Use Systems in Northeast of Thailand – Beneficial for Land Resources Reclamation
  7. Tran Van Dung, C.N. Diep, V.T. Guong, D.M. Vien, P. Domingues, D. Springael and R. Merckx
    Diversity of Actinomycetes Community Colonising Rice Straw Residues in Cultured Soil Undergoing Various Crop Rotation Systems in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam
  8. Thiel Fabian
    Social Land Policy for Sustainable Rural Development
  9. Anan Polthanee
    Indigenous Agricultural Knowledge – A Sample of Practicing in Northeast Thailand
  10. Mohammed Kamrul Hasan, T. Yamamoto and T. Nagasawa
    Influences of Land and Water Use on the Quality of Canal through Agricultural Area
  11. Mak Soeun
    Soil Fertility Management in Rainfed Lowland Rice Eco-systems
  12. Vo Quang Minh and L. Q. Tri
    Rice Soil Fertility Classification and Constraints in the Mekong Delta