Volume 4-1

International Journal of

Environmental and Rural Development

ISSN 2433-3700 (Online)   ISSN 2185-159X (Print)

IJERD Volume 4 Number 1 April 2013 [PDF 56.5 MB]




Research article

The Influence of Earthworm and Rice Stubble on Soil Aggregate, Carbon Sequestration and Soil 1 Fertility in Sandy Loam Paddy Soil in Northeast Thailand

Ajcharawadee Kruapukdee, Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai and Mongkon Ta-oun

One Way of Expressing Bio-diversity based on Simpson and Fisher Indexes

Aya Ikawa, Machito Mihara and Masaharu Komamura

Predictive Model for Biochemical Component of Phytoplankton in the River and Estuarine Systems of the Mae Klong River, Thailand

Boontarika Thongdonphum, Shettapong Meksumpun, Charumas Meksumpun, Banthita Sawasdee and Pattira Kasemsiri

Reducing Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Phnom Tbeng Forests

Chan Somanta, Nophea Sasaki and Shuichi Kobayashi

Factors Affecting Rice Production in Northeastern Thailand:
The Relationship between Soil Salinity and Vegetative Cover

Charuwan Phaithong and Adcharaporn Pagdee

Climate Change Vulnerability: Household Assessment Levels in the Kampong Speu Province, Cambodida

Chhinh Nyda and Hoeurn Cheb

A Feasibility Study on Payment for Forest Environmental Services in Cambodia

Chhinh Nyda and Kong Sopheak

Women’s Roles in Fisheries Governance in Ban Laem, Phetchaburi Province, Thailand

Daracha Thiammueang, Kungwan Juntarashote and Ratana Chuenpagdee

Acute Toxicity of Textile Metal Complex Dark Green Azo Acid Dye (53) and Anionic Surfactant Oil on Nile Tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus and Bioconcentration of Total Chromium and Copper in Gill Tissues

Hilma Rantilla Amwele, Rakpong Petkam,
Frederick William Henry Beamish
and Kanit Chukanhom

Understanding Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes in the Context of Cambodia

Kaoru Ichikawa

Assessment of Local Livelihood of Forest-Dependent Communities in Cambodia

Koy Ra and Nophea Sasaki

Using Chicken Manure in Vermicompost to Manage Different Agro-Industrial Wastes

Nattakit Petmuenwai, Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai,
Thammared Chuasavathi and Mongkon Ta-oun

Guidance of a Transplanting Skid Steer Vehicle with Variable Center of Gravity

Noe Velazquez Lopez, Kiyoshi Tajima, Hideyuki Tanaka,
Do Tuan Thanh, Wataru Yukumoto, Masataka Jitsuno,
Masayoshi Kato, Eiichiro Sakaguchi, Junya Tatsuno
and Tadashi Ishii

The Change of Phosphorus Form in Vermicompost Using Cassava Pulp

Nuntawut Champar-Ngam, Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai,
Mongkon Ta-oun and Surasak Seripong

Using Choice Experiment to Estimate the Value of Sustainable Rattan Resource Management in 88 Cambodia

Ou Ratanak and Mitsuhiro Terauchi

Effect of Organic Materials from Agro-Industrial Wastes (Molasses and Distillery Slop) on Earthworms under Vermicomposting Using Cassava Waste

Ratchanee Wongkogsoong, Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai and Mongkon Ta-oun

Enhancing the Use of Value-Added Products from Underutilized Fruit of the Endangered Mabolo (Diospyros blancoi) Tree

Regucivilla A. Pobar

Pilot Case Studies of Climate Risk-coping Strategies of Small-scale Farmers in Cambodia

Robert J. Martin and Van Touch

Improving Delivery of technical information to farmers in North – Western Cambodia

Robert J.Martin, Stuart Brown and Rouja Johnstone

Growth Performance of Planted Indigenous Trees 12 years from Establishment

Rumila C. Bullecer and Loreto Socorin

Agri-Supply Chain in Tourism Market: A Case Study of Koh Trong Ecotourism Community and Market in Kratie Province

Saut Moeun and Masaaki Yamada

Off-Farm and Non-Farm Activities Development in Rural South-Eastern Bosnia

Sinisa Berjan, Hamid El Bilali, Borko Sorajić,
Noureddin Driouech, Aleksandra Despotović
and Jasmina Simić

Agricultural Extension and Advisory Services in Bosnia

Sinisa Berjan, Hamid El Bilali, Aleksandra Despotović,
Jasmina Simić, Mirko Kulina and Noureddin Driouech

The Study on Flood’s Impact on Rice Production in Sandek Commune Bathay District Kampong Cham

Soeung Lyly

Dietary Exposure Assessment of Benzylpenicillin Residue in Pork Consumed by Age and Gender Groups in the Philippines

Venn Vutey, Loinda R. Baldias, Billy P. Divina and Rio John T. Ducusin

The Difference of Agricultural Land Use in Watersheds and Long Term Fluctuation on the River Water Quality

Yuri Yamazaki, Toshimi Muneoka, Sachiyo Wakou,
Motoko Shimura, Kunihiko Yoshino, Osamu Tsuji
and Toshio Tabuchi

E-Learning Solution on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for Students of Higher Learning in Cambodia (Focus Vegetables)

Aruna Rajendram, Shanmuga Vivekanada Nadarajan,
Dahlan Abdul Ghani and Lor Lytour

Utilization of Inoculated Eri Cocoon for Water Pollutant Removal

Carlos Onan Mendoza Tovar, Kumiko Kawabe,
Hiromu Okazawa and Machito Mihara

Management of Municipal Sewage Sludge by Vermicomposting Technology: Converting a Waste into a Bio fertilizer for Agriculture

Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai, Mongkon Ta-oun,
Thammared Chuasavatee
and Praweena Boonyotha

The Role of Organic Farming in Providing Ecosystem Services

Insa Kühling and Dieter Trautz

Pre-Planting Treatments of Stem Cutting with Vermicompost Tea Affecting Rooting and Growth Yields of Different Cassava Varieties

Jiraphon Choeichit, Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai and Mongkon Ta-oun

Water Quality Preservation Effect of Riparian Forests in Watersheds with Dairy Farming Areas in Eastern Hokkaido

Okazawa Hiromu, Yamamoto Tadao, Inoue Takashi and Nagasawa Tetuaki

Integrating Plant Genetic Resources Conservation and Management into a State University’s Mandates: An Initiative for Sustainable Development

Marina A. Labonite

Development of Organic Animal and Crop Production in Bosnia

Noureddin Driouech, Vesna Milić, Hamid El Bilali, Aleksandra Despotović,
Jasmina Simić, Sinisa Berjan and Mirko Kulina

The Study on Conventional Farming Practice – A Case Study of Farmers’ Practice in Samroung Village, Cambodia

Sokornthea Pin and Machito Mihara

Alternative Cropping Systems for North-West Cambodia

Stephanie C. Belfield, Robert J. Martin and J. Fiona Scott

Economics of Weed Management in Maize in Pailin Province Cambodia

Van Touch, Robert J. Martin and J. Fiona Scott

Impacts of an Agricultural Water Use Restructuring Project on the Water Quality of Oxbow Lake

Yamamoto Tadao and Okazaki Hiroki

Behavioural Factor of Boiling Drinking Water in Rural India

Sato Morio and Yamaji Eiji