Awards of Excellent Paper – 12th ICERD

The 12th ICERD 2021 (Online)

  1. Sar Veng, Kannika Sajjaphan, Wutthida Rattanapichai, Rada Kong, Alexis Thoumazeau and Florent Tivet
    Assessment of Soil Quality of Different Practices for Rain-fed Lowland Rice Farming in Cambodia-Using Biofunctool Approach
  2. Lyhour Hin, Bunthan Ngo, Lytour Lor, Sengheang Suy, Dyna Theng, Chanphakdey Dok, Sokhom Mech, Chan Makara Mean, Sovanndy Yut, Makara Lay and Bart Frederikt
    Economic Assessment of Biogas Production Potential from Commercial Pig Farms in Cambodia
  3. Ke Zhang, Hiromu Okazawa, Yuri Yamazaki, Kiichiro Hayashi and Osamu Tsuji
    Relationship between NDVI and Canopy Cover Sensed by Small UAV under Different Ground Resolution