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Agricultural Systems and Food Innovation (AG)

  1. AG-01: Effect of Different Mulching Types on Insect, Disease Infestation and Yield of Onions (Allium cepa L.)
    Chanthin Ouk and Kim Eang Tho
  2. AG-02: Study on Use of Plant Based Material as a Fertilizer
    Pa Pa San
  3. AG-03: Establishment of Optimized Manufacturing Conditions for Cooked Rice -Part I-Equilibrium Moisture Content and Latent Heat of Vaporization of Cooked Rice
    Yoshiki Muramatsu, Masanori Hashiguchi, Dahai Mi, Sokly Sorm, Eiichiro Sakaguchi and Shotaro Kawakami
  4. AG-04: Establishment of Optimized Manufacturing Conditions for Cooked Rice -Part II-Moisture Transfer Kinetics of Cooked Rice When Drying and Soaking in Water
    Yoshiki Muramatsu, Masanori Hashiguchi, Dahai Mi, Sokly Sorm, Eiichiro Sakaguchi and Shotaro Kawakami
  5. AG-05: Characterization and Diversity of Selected Maize (Zea mays L.) Genotypes Using Qualitative Traits
    San Kyi, Kyaw Kyaw Win, Hla Than, Soe Win and Nyo Mar Htwe
  6. AG-06: Evaluation of Selected Chemical, Biological Fungicides, and Induced Resistance to Control White Rot (Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc.) on Tomato
    Penghaing Ly, Tho Kim Eang, Nget Raby, Ong Socheat and Ouk Chanthin
  7. AG-07: Effect of Temperature on the Cohort Life Table of Brown Planthopper (Nilaparvata Lugens Stål) (Homoptera: Delphacidae)
    May Thu Htet, Moe Hnin Phyu and Thi Tar Oo
  8. AG-09: Effects of Flooding Stress at Different Stage on Growth and Aerenchyma Formation in Adventitious Roots of Sugarcane under Greenhouse Conditions
    Jiraporn Bamrungrai and Anan Polthanee
  9. AG-10: Evaluation and Preference Analysis of Improved Rice Genotypes in Thar Ga Ya Village, Tharsi Township, Myanmar
    Nyo Mar Htwe, Su Latt Phyu and Khant Sanda Htet
  10. AG-11: The Effect of the Application of Compost and Chemical Fertilizer on the Growth and Yield of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
    Theingi Win, Swe Swe Mar, Kyi Kyi Shwe, Win Yu Hlaing, Hsu Myat Thwin, Kyaw Ngwe and Toru Sakai
  11. AG-12: Effect of Chicken Manure and Chemical Fertilizer Applications on Growth and Yield of Rice (Oryza sativa L.)
    Kyi Kyi Shwe, Swe Swe Mara, Theingi Win, Win Yu Hlaing,
    Hsu Myat Thwin, Kyaw Ngwe and Toru Sakai
  12. AG-13: The Influence of Packaging Materials and Storage Duration on Seed Quality of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)
    Hnin Thida Nyo, Nyein Nyein Htwe and Kyaw Kyaw Win
  13. AG-14: The Acquisition of Passive Immunity (IgG) in the Newborn Piglets from Parity Sows in Contract Farm, Takeo Province, Cambodia
    Vutey Venn, Phea Sum, Pheary Mol, Sovannkongkea Yan, Bunna Soychan, Laville Ly, Retha Mong and Alongkot Boonsoongnern
  14. AG-15: Potential Measurement as a Method for Monitoring the Soil Chemical Environment
    Narong Touch and Takahiko Nakamura
  15. AG-16: Evaluation of Acceptability of Cashew Apple Jam in Cambodia
    Sokly Sorm, Yoshiki Muramatsu, Daiki Oka, Yuri Tanikoka, Masataka Uchino, Shuki Muramatsu, Motoe Sekido, Takahiko Nakamura, Toru Nakajima, Eiichiro Sakaguchi, Shotaro Kawakami, Chim Chay, Mari Arimitsu and Machito Mihara
  16. AG-17: Estimates of Factor Shares for Rice Production in Japan for the Period of 1922-1944
    Mitsuhiro Terauchi and Shinobu Yamada
  17. AG-19: Assessment of Soil Quality of Different Practices for Rain-fed Lowland Rice Farming in Cambodia-Using Biofunctool Approach
    Sar Veng, Kannika Sajjaphan, Wutthida Rattanapichai, Rada Kong, Alexis Thoumazeau and Florent Tivet
  18. AG-20: Evaluation of Some Nutritional Values and Antioxidant Activities of Dried Tea Leaves in Seasonally
    Chaw Su Hlaing, A Mar Wint, Ohn Mar Aye and Myo Thida Hteik
  19. AG-21: Effect of Different Protein Levels on Growth Performance of Weaned Goat Kids
    Phath Rathana, Vong Pisey, Prak Kea, Keo Sath and Seng Mom
  20. AG-23: Physiochemical and Preferences of Goat and Cow Milk Products
    Pisey Vong, Sath Keo, Chim Chay and Mom Seng
  21. AG-24: Assessment of Some Promising Lines of Rice (Oryza sativa L.) for Salt Tolerance Using Microsatellite Markers Associated with the saltol QTL
    Moe Kyaw Thu, Aung Naing Oo, Nyo Mar Htwe, Ohn Mar Lynn and
    Khin Thida Myint
  22. AG-25: Rice Varietal Assessment for Climate Change Adaptation from Socioeconomic Point of View: A Study in Myitthar Township
    Shwe Mar Than, Yin Nyein Aye and Yin Yin Thant
  23. AG-26: The Evaluation of Agricultural Production Information and Sources of Local Farmers in Rural Areas of Cambodia
    Shinobu Yamada, Machito Mihara and Kumiko Kawabe

Environmental Management (EM)

  1. EM-01: Economic Assessment of Biogas Production Potential from Commercial Pig Farms in Cambodia
    Lyhour Hin, Bunthan Ngo, Lytour Lor, Sengheang Suy, Dyna Theng, Chanphakdey Dok, Sokhom Mech, Chan Makara Mean, Sovanndy Yut, Makara Lay and Bart Frederikt
  2. EM-02: Preparation of Effective Microorganisms Based Compost Using Some Selected Wastes for Improvement of Plants Growth
    Thi Dar Khaing
  3. EM-03: Assessment of Soil Properties Using GIS Technologies in Selected Area of Myanmar
    Hla Moe Khaing, Kyaw Ngwe, Swe Swe Mar and Htay Htay Oo
  4. EM-04: Spatial Variability and Mapping of Soil Properties Using GIS-Based Geostatistic in Myanmar
    Tun Tun Hlaing, Swe Swe Mar, Chaw Su Lwin, Htay Htay Oo and Kyaw Ngwe
  5. EM-05: Production and Uses of Crop Residues in Cambodia: Rice Straw, Corn Stalk, Cassava Stem
    Dyna Theng, Lytour Lor, Chhengven Chhoem, Kanhara Sambath, Pisey Vong, Sorkuthika Srour, Vathana Chamroeun, Davith Eang, Makara Lay, Gerald Hitzler and Rajiv Pradhan
  6. EM-06: Assessment of Insect Damage and Growth Performance of Dipterocarps Planted at Rainforestation Demonstration Farm at VSU, Baybay City, Leyte
    Kleer Jeann G. Longatang, Maria Juliet C. Ceniza, Jimmy O. Pogosa, Dennis P. Peque and Leonard Paolo Longatang
  7. EM-08: Spatial Variability of Soil Salinity and its Influence on Rice Yield in Salt-affected Areas Using Remote Sensing Techniques
    Aung Naing Oo and Lwin Bo Bo Thet
  8. EM-09: Evaluation of Site Contamination from Storage of Fertilizer
    Barry N Noller
  9. EM-10: Bamboo Charcoal as a Lactic Acid Bacteria Carrier for Phosphate Removal
    Takahiko Nakamura and Narong Touch
  10. EM-12: Study on the Water Quality of Indawgyi Lake Effected by Surroundings
    Moe Tin Khainga and Daung Hawng
  11. EM-13: Soil Organic Carbon Stabilization on Forested and Deforested Red-Yellow Soil under Different Temperature Conditions
    Arostegui Keiji and Mihara Machito
  12. EM-14: Effects of Adding Rice Husk Biochar in GHG Emission and Compost Quality during Cow Manure Composting
    Sarvesh Maskey and Machito Mihara
  13. EM-15: Monitoring of Water Quality During the Dry Season in Cheung Ek Lake, Cambodia
    Somara Oum and Machito Mihara
  14. EM-16: Water Harvesting as a Mean for Water Conservation in Ovche Pole Region, Macedonia
    Ognen Onchevski and Machito Mihara
  15. EM-17: Effect of Adding Agricultural and Organic Lime on Survival Rate of E. coli and General Bacteria in Farmland Soils in Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia
    Muyleang Kim and Machito Mihara
  16. EM-18: Relationship between NDVI and Canopy Cover Sensed by Small UAV under Different Ground Resolution
    Ke Zhang, Hiromu Okazawa, Yuri Yamazaki, Kiichiro Hayashi and Osamu Tsuji
  17. EM-19: Conservation and Ecological Threats of Agarwood (Aquilaria sp.) on Leyte Island, Philippines
    Lorraine Cristy E. Ceniza, Jimmy O. Pogosa, Suzette B. Lina and Marlito M. Bande
  18. EM-20: Growth Performance of Trema orientalis L. (Blume) Ulm. Seedlings in Response to Mineral Nutrient Omission
    Ken N. Florentino, Jimmy O. Pogosa, Rommel B. Armecin and Marlito Jose M. Bande
  19. EM-21: Spatial Analysis on Distribution of Yield and Management Practices of Rice in Selected Area of Central Myanmar
    Aye Myat Mon, Ye Phyo Mon, Tin Nwe Win, Arkah Myint, Myat Moe Hlaing and Than Myint Htun
  20. EM-22: Survey of Pesticides and Fertilizers Use Patterns and Farmers’ Perceptions in Tomato Production on Floating Garden in Inle Lake, Myanmar
    Theingi Khaung and Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai
  21. EM-23: Effects of Air Injection and Iron Oxide Pellet Addition on Hydrogen Sulfide Removal and Biogas Production
    Lytour Lor, Machito Mihara, Bunthan Ngo, Lyhour Hin, Dyna Theng, Sokhom Mich, Chan Makara Mean, Chhiengputheavy Chhorth and Bart Frederiks
  22. EM-24: Changing Spent Mushroom Substrate into a Quality Vermicompost
    Supawadee Ruangjanda and Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai
  23. EM-25: Using Vermicompost and Organic Amendment to Cultivate Salt Tolerant Crops in High Salt-affected Soil
    Nattakit Petmuenwai, Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai and Takashi Kume
  24. EM-26: Identification of Glyphosate Tolerance Soil-borne Bacteria from Coconut, Coffee and Oil Palm Plantations in Universiti Putra Malaysia
    Keiko Aoki, Wei Hong Lau and Vinailosni A/P Amirthalingam
  25. EM-27: Effects of Chemical Extraction Methods on Physicochemical Properties of Shrimp Chitosan
    Socheath Tong, Borarin Buntong, Laikong Sophal and Sokmean Vann
  26. EM-28: Interactions among Soil Physical, Chemical and Biological Properties under Different Farming Systems
    Marisol Terashima and Machito Mihara
  27. EM-29: Monitoring of Crop Plant Height Based DSM Data Obtained by Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Considering the Difference of Plant Shapes
    Ke Zhang, Osamu Tsuji, Tosimi Muneoka, Masato Kimura and Kenyichi Hosiyama

Rural Development (RU)

  1. RU-02: Contracting and Negotiation Attributes: A Case of Sunflower Seed in Central Tanzania
    Rubasha Matiku Mujama and Tomohiro Uchiyama
  2. RU-04: Government-orientation on Contract Farming to Enhance the Confidence of Agricultural Investment in Cambodia
    Vouchsim Kong, Vichhay Siek, Hour Phann, Pheach Kong, Borarin Buntong, Vutey Venn and Ravindra Chandra Joshi
  3. RU-05: Possibility of Value Addition on Traditional Rice Liquor in Cambodia
    Mitsuru Hamano, Takashi Kuroda, Chim Chay, Boratana Ung and Kasumi Ito
  4. RU-06: Status of Production and Distribution Channel of Cassava in Cambodia -Future Prospects for Sustainable Production-
    Kasumi Ito, Aya Nakatani, Tamon Baba, Hisako Nomura, Tha Than and Pao Srean
  5. RU-07: Food Service Industry Development and its Effect to Distribution of Fresh Agri-products in Vietnamese Suburban Area
    Fumie Takanashi
  6. RU-08: Factors Driving the Effectiveness of Community Fisheries Management Resulted from Fisheries Policy Reforms
    Kaing Khim, Hori Mina, Kang Kroesna and So Nam
  7. RU-09: Cambodian Culinary Tourism and Gastrodiplomacy: Challenges and Opportunities in a Post-COVID-19 World
    Kristaps Kadiķis, Anna Di Nicola and Lara Dunston
  8. RU-10: Farm to Market: Post Covid-19 Opportunities and Challenges for Farmers in Kampong Cham Province
    Mari Arimitsu, Kumiko Kawabe and Machito Mihara
  9. RU-11: Marketing Strategies and Grape Farmers Welfare Improvement: Evidence from Afghanistan
    Sayed Jalil Hashimi

Education for Sustainable Development (ED)

  1. ED-01: School Gardens as a Method of Scaling Up Sustainable Technologies: A Review
    Gracie Pekarcik and David Ader
  2. ED-02: The Application of Intervention Mapping in Developing Parental Behavior Modification Program for Pesticide Exposure Prevention among Children in Agricultural Areas for Sub-District Health Promotion Hospital, Thailand
    Chakkrit Ponrachom, Satinee Siriwat, Apiradee Wangkahard and Sriwipa Chuangchaiya
  3. ED-03: Experimental Study of Extension Impact on Farmers’ KAP towards Sri Lankan Cassava Mosaic Disease Prevention in Cambodia
    Sovannara Moun, Hisako Nomura, Tamon Baba, Tha Than, Kasumi Ito and Pao Srean

Infrastructural System (IN)

IN-01: Analyzing the Water Harvesting Potential and its Maximization by the Application of Clayey Dressing Application in Qargha Reservoir Watershed, Kabul, Afghanistan
Shafiqullah Rahmani, Machito Mihara and Ihsanullah Akramzoi