Award of Excellent Poster Presentation – 11th ICERD

The 11th ICERD 2020 in Angkor Paradise Hotel, Siem Reap, Cambodia

  1. Savoeurn Lang, Sophoanrith Ro, Siranet Roeurn and Lyhour Hin
    Agronomic and Yield Performances of Three Rice Cultivars (Oryza sativa L.) under Water Regimes in Dry Season
  2. Chuleewan Boonchamni and Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai
    Evaluation of Nutrition in Wheatgrass on Different Growth Media
  3. Vichheka Ang, Chakriya Norng, Thavrak Huon, Dizon I. Elinda, Elegado, B. Fransisco, Sokheng Ly, Kimheang Prom, Sokuncharya Rith and Chim Chay
    Identify the Lactic Acid Bacteria in Fermented Young Cucumis Melon
  4. Yoshito Toikawa, Choichi Sasaki, Chihiro Kato, Nobuhiko Matsuyama, Jinhun Fan, Takeyuki Annaka and Akira Endo
    The Influence of Percolation Patterns on Copper and Cadmium Uptake, Growth and Yield of Rice Plants in Copper- and Cadmium-Polluted Stratified Paddy Fields
  5. Rubasha Matiku Mujama and Tomohiro Uchiyama
    Farmers’ Perception on Contract Farming: A Case of Sunflower Seed in Central Tanzania
  6. Mitsuru Hamano, Tetsuo Matsumoto and Kasumi Ito
    Factor Causing Deficits in Traditional Rice Liquor Production in Rural Areas of Cambodia