Award of Sustainability Promotion – 10th ICERD

Awards of Sustainability Promotion -10th ICERD

The 10th ICERD 2019 in Kasetsart University, Sakon Nakhon, Thailand

  1. Avakat Phasouysaingama, Anan Polthanee, Arunee Promkhambut and Satit Aditto
    Impact of Changing Swidden Farming to Rubber Tree Farming on Food Security and Economic Return of People in Luangnamtha Province, Lao PDR
  2. Keovorleak Vichet and Tomohiro Uchiyama
    A Comparative Study of Economic Efficiency Between Small and Medium Size Rubber Plantation in Thbong Khmom Province
  3. Serki Wangmo and Chuleemas Boonthai Iwai
    Ecological Intensification in Organic Cropping System for Green Socio-economic Development: Farming System Analysis at Gasa, Bhutan