Award of Excellent Poster Presentation – 9th ICERD

Awards of Excellent Poster -9th ICERD

The 9th ICERD 2018 in Yezin Agricultural University, Yezin, Myanmar

  1. Ployrada Phumee and Adcharaporn Pagdee
    From Subsistence to Commercialized Practice of Non-Timber Forest Product Harvesting: Essential Ecosystem Services from Community Forests in Thailand
  2. Arisa Iwai and Oratai Santimataneedol
    Environmental Education and Sustainability in Mataneedol School: A Case Study of “Turning the school kitchen waste into the healthy soil and safety food” Project
  3. Sergio Azael May Cuevas and Machito Mihara
    Empirical Study on Promotion of Sustainable Agriculture by Using Cow Dung Added with Food Residue
  4. Takanori Kaneko and Machito Mihara
    Study on Effects of Megascolecidae sp. Earthworms on Soil Properties
  5. Lalita Siriwattananon and Suwanan Yodsarn
    Effect of Drying Methods on the Physical and Chemical Properties of Banana Flour
  6. Bumpen Keowan, Benchamas Yoopraser, Sineenuch Khrutmuang Sanserm and Siriwan Wungdee
    An Evaluation of Farmer Online Learning on Sustainable Agriculture Curriculum Upholding the Sufficiency Economy
  7. Mallika Srisutham, Anan Polthanee, Newika Supanno and Supranee Sritumboon
    Effects of Salinity at Different Soil Texture on Mulberry under Greenhouse Condition
  8. Inocencio Buot Jr.
    Conserving Species and Ecosystems in the Philippines: Implications toOnline Biodiversity Education