Volume 8-1

International Journal of

Environmental and Rural Development

ISSN 2433-3700 (Online)   ISSN 2185-159X (Print)

IJERD Volume 8 Number 1 June 2017 [PDF 16.2 MB]


Research Articles

Effect of Drip-Fertigation Intervals and Hand-Watering on Tomato Growth and Yield

Nareth Nut, Sambath Seng and Machito Mihara

The Importance of Non-timber Forest Products in Rural Livelihoods and Ecosystem Services at Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary, Cambodia

Phanith Chou

Global Overfishing: A Last Call for Our World Natural Resource

Anucha Wittayakorn-Puripunpinyoo

Comparative Study of Methane Emission and Structural Development of Rice Plants from SRI and non-SRI Methods in a Lysimeter Experiment

Ishwar Pun and Eiji Yamaji

Development of Portable Artificial Rainfall Simulator for Evaluating Sustainable Farming in Kenya

Jacob Muriungi Maore and Machito Mihara

Event-Based Rainfall-Runoff Forecasting in Pampanga River Basin, Philippines using Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

Jcob C. Malaguit, Marriane F. Makahiya and Mark Lexter D. De Lara

The Effects of Land Restoration on Soil Fertility in Tsunami-inundated Farmlands of Miyagi Prefecture in Japan

Kingshuk Roy, Satoki Iwata, and Yurika Kato

Development of a Device for Measuring the Load Bearing Capacity of a Farm Road

Koji Watanabe, Futoshi Kawana and Yasushi Takeuchi

Benchmarking Concepts of Community Wellbeing in an Area Vulnerable to Disaster due to Volcanic Eruption

Merites M. Buot

Coral Transplantation Technology for Sustainable Fisheries and Underwater Tourism

Samuel J. Gulayan

Mobility Assessment for Sustainable Rural Development: Conversion of Conventional Mobility Data and Historical Analysis

Satomi Kimijima and Masahiko Nagai

Reducing Cadmium and Copper Uptake of Soybeans by Controlling Groundwater Level and its Impacts on Growth and Yield

Songtao Li, Choichi Sasaki, Chihiro Kato, Nobuhiko Matsuyama, Takeyuki Annaka, Akira Endo and Kiichi Sasaki

Analysis on Surface Deformation and Cracks in Paddy Fields by 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake using GNSS and Photogrammetry

Takahiko Kubodera, Takanobu Suzuki, Hiroshi Masaharu and Eiji Matsuo

Spatial Assessment of Land Cover Change and Ecosystem Services from a Case Study in Savannakhet Province, Laos

Thipphachanh Souphihalath, Kiichiro Hayashi, Makoto Ooba and Wataru Kobayashi

Application of Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) Model to Predict Streamflow and Sediment Yield in Wahig-Inabanga Watershed, Bohol, Philippines

Tomas D. Reyes, Jr.

Logging Effects on Soil Organic Carbon and Hydraulic Property in North Appalachian Region of Ohio USA

Toru Nakajima and Rattan Lal

Impact of the Land Use Diversity on the River Water Quality in the Agricultural Area

Yuri Yamazaki, Toshimi Muneoka, Masato Kimura and Osamu Tsuji

Comparison of Land and Water Improvement Projects and the Water Management System between Japan and Nigeria

Dayyabu Muhammad Zaharaddeen, Katsuyuki Shimizu and Yumi Yoshioka

Forest Ecosystem Services and Agricultural Production of Communities in Protected Areas: A Case Study of Phu Kao – Phu Phan Kham National Park, Thailand

Wipada Janta, Adcharaporn Pagdee and Somkid Uttaranakorn

Estimation of Soil Erosion Based on USLE and GIS in Gardez Basin of Paktya Province, Afghanistan

Abdul Malik Dawlatzai and Machito Mihara

Simplification of the Colorimetric Method to Detect Methanol Contamination in the Cambodian Local Rice Liquor

Mizuki Matsukawa, Mitsuru Hamano, Kasumi Ito and Toshiharu Tanaka

Pre and Postharvest Losses and Marketing of Grapes in Afghanistan: Case Study in Mirbachakot, Shakardara and Kalakan districts of Kabul

Yusufi Mohammad Mirwais and Ryuichi Yamada

Determining Crop Insurance Participation in Laguna, Philippines Using Subsidy and Asymmetric Information Incentives

Diane Carmeliza N. Cuaresma, Justine Angeli L. Saquing, and Vincent Paulo M. Ty

Event-based Rainfall-runoff Simulations using GETFLOWS for Kourtimalei Catchment in Djibouti

Fadoumo A. Malow, Sawahiko Shimada and Aurelien Hazart

Certification Schemes for Alternative Agriculture in Japan

Olga Tyunina and Eiji Yamaji

Current Agricultural Status and Problems faced in Paghman District of Kabul Province, Afghanistan

Rahmani Shafiqullah and Machito Mihara

A Comparative Study of Housing Conditions among living Sectors in Sri Lanka and among Residential Areas in Tea Industry, Matara District, Southern Part of Sri Lanka

Yuko Fukuda and Eiji Yamaji

Evaluation of Microfinance Institutions in Ethiopia from the Perspective of Sustainability and Outreach

Fraol Lemma Balcha and Salehu Anteneh Tamare

Supply Chain Analysis for Determining the Requirements for Continuous Woody Biomass Energy Utilization Systems: Comparison of the Actual Management Conditions in Japan

Kazuyoshi Nemoto, Hiromasa Inuzuka, Shogo Nakamura and Yasuhumi Mori

Assessing Factors Influencing Farmers’ Perceptions on Adaptation to Climate Change: A Case of Apple Farmers in Cheongsong, Korea

Seong Yoon Choi and Eiji Yamaji